“The Strike to End All Strikes” – The European
“Death of a Union by Andrew Wood is a gripping geopolitical thriller that brilliantly connects the bloody miners’ strike of 1984 with seismic shocks to the nation 40 years later.” – The London Economic
“The tensions between the strikers, the union leaders and the police were well put. The struggles that the miners went through and also the decisions of those to go back to work were interesting and with the corruption added in made for a thrilling read.” – Me and My Books
Q&A with Andrew Wood on his book “Fame: How to Build an Iconic Personal Brand in Any Industry”

Death of a Union

A gripping geopolitical thriller set against the tumultuous backdrop of the UK’s infamous 1984 miners’ strike. George McDonald is a union leader, on the verge of exposing staggering corruption within Arthur Scargill’s National Union of Miners, where millions have vanished. However, sinister forces, including a shadowy KGB agent and fellow union leaders, conspire against him, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown.

Amidst political maneuvering, covert operations, and the weight of untold secrets, “Death of a Union” becomes a riveting tale of power, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

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