And a Brick Fell From the Wall

1979- Tettenhall College for boys was a private school near Wolverhampton. Posh though it appeared, it was a school with a dark secret. Bullying and abuse were rife, and not just among the pupils. The headmaster was a sadistic Irishman who wheeled his slipper and cane with abandon. Our class of 11- and 12-year-olds all lived in constant fear of his abuse.

As a child, you are taught to trust and respect your parents, teachers, policemen, and priests. But no one ever tells you what to do when you know in your heart they can’t be trusted. When you know that what the adults are doing is wrong. You are in uncharted territory, alone, making decisions you don’t want to make. That you shouldn’t have to make but that must be made anyway.

I knew the only way to stop the bullying was to confront it. For me that point came on November 16th, 1979. The #1 song on radio Luxembourg was “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. It gave me courage, gave me hope and told me I was not alone. It connected with me as no song ever had before or has since.

It was the song in my head when I committed my first murder. I was just thirteen years old…

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