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Scotland is a fast-paced, geopolitical, thriller set during the UK’s 1984 miners’ strike. Scottish union leader George McDonald is about to expose the rampant corruption in the National Union of Miners, where millions has gone missing. But there are sinister forces working against him including a KGB agent, and fellow union leaders.

Four decades later in 2026, Scotland is now an independent sovereign nation under the innovative leadership of coal miner’s daughter, and billionaire, Maggie McGown. She has turned the SNP from a laughingstock into a powerhouse of positive change. However, McGown has been shunned by the EU and has turned to China to support some of her economic plans. This causes alarm in Whitehall and Washington and culminates in McGown getting a visit from MI5, where McDonald’s corruption case once again becomes the focus of attention.

Books by Andrew Wood


Girl on a Bridge

A teenage girl in England with nothing to live for decides to end it all by jumping from a bridge after a devastating car accident destroys her world.

A handsome rodeo star from Texas with a broken back drifts across America in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and abuse.

An English racehorse trainer in Ocala with a propensity for barn girls, gambling, and murder.

Two ex-wives struggle to survive and reboot their careers while looking for purpose, meaning, and love in a new life.

All brought together by a special horse named after a famous Indian chief.

An inspirational tale of disaster, betrayal, karma,love, healing, and redemption that will keep you spellbound until the emotional conclusion.

Meet the author

Andrew Wood

Author of over 40 books including; How to Create a Life Well-Lived, Million Dollar Laptop, Confessions of a Golf Pro and The Golf Marketing Bible. Andrew is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort and real estate marketing and has spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.

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