The 48 Laws of Business Success


560 pages of Proven Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership, Service and Financial Strategies to Quickly Maximize Your Business!


You’ve heard the advice to find a successful model and copy it. I have read a book week since I was 13 years old. My favorite type of books are biographies and I’ve read over a thousand. I have sought out the stories of the world’s most successful people in over two hundred different fields: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, generals, rock stars, CEO’s, writers and scientists.


There are reasons for success and failure that occur in these biographies so often that they are more than just coincidences, they are more like laws. Big business, small business, new business, old business; it doesn’t matter; the laws don’t change, only the details do. I’ve combined the proven insights from successful [people with my own experience in building two multi-million-dollar businesses from scratch. I’ve worked with over 3,000 clients in 26 countries and networked with a who’s who of industry.


Some of the laws I present you will already know well. Some you will recognize. Many may surprise you. The more of these laws you adopt into your business – and life — the better. The years of insight, research and experience involved in compiling these laws will shortcut your journey to success by years, even decades. Best of all you can apply these laws to your personal life, business or career with equal success since they are universal in nature.


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