How to Unleash Your Creative Genius


One creative idea can dramatically change the path of your business, career, or life! Every great book, painting, movie, business, song, invention, or building has one thing in common, they all started with a creative idea. Creativity is a trait that is desired and admired by everyone. In an IBM global survey of more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, creativity was selected as the single most crucial factor for future success.

Everyone has creativity, it’s time to learn how to unleash it!

"This book is full of inspirational stories and tips anyone can use to improve their lives. Not only that, it gives excellent action steps that help you make the most of the book. If you’re looking for information you can put to use this is the book for you!"

Will D. - Amazon Verified Purchase

"Light hearted and easy to read but with deep meanings and challenges you to think through what You want from life, and possible ways of achieving your goals. Helpful action steps at the end of each chapter give some good ideas or suggestions. You may not want the type of lifestyle Andrew Wood has succeeded in getting for himself, but this book will still help you think through what you do want, and gives good tips on achieving whatever your goals might be."

Harry B. - Amazon Verified Purchase

"Loved they way the book paced each activity and gave actions that one could take to start improving ones life. Will make this a Christmas and birthday gift for many of my friends."

Margaret F. - Amazon Verified Purchase
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