Confessions of a Golf Pro


The story of a golf professional trying to make it through life at a private club with 521 bosses, a Cougar nymphomaniac, one good member and a board president intent on his demise.


This story follows the hilarious everyday life of a golf professional through lessons, committees, PGA section meetings, club rules, demo days and golf trips. Plus, the daily grind of trying to please over 500 members who complain to him about everything from the speed of the greens to the home owner’s association, along with hundred and one other things over which he has no control. At breaking point, he starts replying to emails and requests the way he’d really like to reply, which is a far cry from what they taught him at PGA business school!


While the president’s intent to remove him, and install his son in law is relentless our pro has more tricks up his sleeve than the assistant pros who hide his inventory or the slick suits from the big management companies that think they can waltz in and steal his job. Success is always the best revenge!


"18 years in the golf business and there was not one chapter I could of wrote myself! Laugh out loud many times. If anyone wants to know what golf pros go through this book nails it!"

Randy R. - Verified Amazon Purchase

"This book is very funny. If you are overly sensitive about golf you might not like it but anybody with a sense of humor and has to work with the public will like it."

Michael M. - Verified Amazon Purchase

"Andrew does it again. Outrageously funny ! A laugh a minute. This must be the real back story of the club professional. You will never look at your club pro or fellow club members the same way again."

Terrell C. - Verified Amazon Purchase
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