Confessions of a Tour Pro


1979 All Jonny Biarritz ever wanted was to win on the PGA Tour. He had been dedicated to this mission for most of his thirty-two years, and he’d come close. He had posted ten seasons in a row in the top ten on the money list alongside names like Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Trevino, Casper, Floyd, and Miller. So many seconds and thirds but never a win. Now he had a problem that threatened his dream on a whole new level.

His ex-wife wanted the alimony raised to more money than he had made in his best year on Tour. The IRS claimed he owed them $100,228, which in 1979 was a boat load of money. Usually, he would have had his manager take care of trivial crap like this. Sadly, he had had his own mid-life crisis, having left for Acapulco with a stripper. Financing his new life in Mexico with funds he had taken from his former clients.

This left Jonny Biarritz officially broke, which was an issue since he owed his dope dealer $5,000 and had gambling debts of over $15,000. Both debits were owed to Italian guys whose friends and associates included Gambino’s. In addition, Mr. John Mathew Biarritz had two women suing him for child support. Oh, and one more thing, his occasional recreational use of cocaine was now a full-on addiction that needed daily attention. However, none of these issues was his real problem. His real problem was far worse than any of this petty, bullshit. He had the fucking yips!


A throwback to the golden era of golf in the seventies and eighties and into the the modern day. The stories are written by an author who knows the game well and are entertaining! You are going to love the lifelike characters!

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