Legendary Achievement


Success does not care who you are, where you are from or even what you have done in the past. You don’t need a college degree, heck I didn’t even fish high school, what you need is a life plan, a step by step map of exactly what you must do to get from where you are now to the life, love and things you always dreamed of.


Easily one of the best motivational books out there. I grew up listening to the likes of Anthony Robbins and Norman Vincent Peale in the car with my parents and this book delivers a much clearer messages and breaks everything down into a small, easily understandable sections. After finishing the first 3 chapters, I already felt like I could propel myself to degrees higher than I've ever thought possible. Can't say enough about this book.

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This is one of the best books I have read on goal setting. If you were like me, a little lost and caught up in the doing part of your business, this book will most certainly get you fired up and back on track.

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