Girl on a Bridge


A teenage girl in England with nothing to live for decides to end it all by jumping from a bridge after a devastating car accident destroys her world. A handsome rodeo star from Texas with a broken back drifts across America in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and abuse. An English racehorse trainer in Ocala with a propensity for barn girls, gambling, and murder. Two ex-wives struggle to survive and reboot their careers while looking for purpose, meaning, and love in a new life. All brought together by a special horse named after a famous Indian chief.


An inspirational tale of disaster, betrayal, karma, love, healing, and redemption that will keep you spellbound until the emotional conclusion.



WOW!! This was a great read! Perseverance, against the odds, with a touch of love, friendship, and horses! It will keep you engaged, hungry for the next chapter!! Plot twists ... adventures ... with an ending that keeps you wanting more!!

Michelle S.

Really enjoyed this book. The interesting characters and story line made this a very quick read. There were stories and relationships within the basic theme that both surprised and pleased me. If you like to read about redemption and retribution this book has a twist for all of you.

Joey C.

Girl on a Bridge is full of examples of human kindness to each other as well as examples of the strong bonds that people develop with their horses. Each of the major characters is presented with challenges that she ultimately overcomes through strength of character and positivity. I look forward to sharing this book with my nieces!

Marycarol W.

This book draws you in from page one. It kept me reading all day. It is well written, engaging, and an all around great read. It has horses and suspense and a bit of romance added in. Read it!

Carla W.

I really enjoyed the story line of this book. It referenced how strong people can be when faced with adversary in their lives. Loved all the references to kindness to humans. Loved the references to training horses without force, keeping them HAPPY.

Joni T.
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