Career Change



After getting made redundant, watching his pension fund implode, and finding his wife has left him all in 24 hours, 48-year-old, accountant Peter Stevens is broke, and depressed.


After drowning his sorrows for two weeks with thoughts of suicide, he takes his friend’s offer of a change of scenery and goes to stay at his apartment in Monaco. There he meets a beautiful blonde on an elevator who gets him a job with her escort service.


Never very good at sex, according to his wife, things do not start out well as he careens through a series of disastrous dates. His efforts at online dating looking for a normal relationship are equally doomed to failure. But, with practice and sex lessons, he begins to get better at his craft and starts to turn his life around. The short, punchy chapters are an easy and humorous read as our hero tries to piece back his finances, love life, and self-esteem.


"Each chapter is its own unique story, fun but also part of the bigger story. It was a very entertaining read"


"LOL, this book is a wonderful read!"


"I could not wait to see his next adventure, it's a real page-turner"


"Funny and sexy without being explicit - so well done!"


"Reading this book felt like binge-watching the best episodes of Californication, I love it!"


This is such a fun read. Couldn't stop laughing. This is likely what we fantasized about as teens. Each chapter leads us further astray. Hmmmm.....maybe I'll consider a change :-)

Terrell C.

The author takes you on a wild ride of misadventure and frivolity. Never a dull moment. Highly recommend -enjoyable easy read for escaping the mundane aspects of life.

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