The Traits of Champions

The Secrets to Championship Performance
in Golf, Business and Life

You are about to embark on a very special round of golf… 

A round that will maximize your talents, increase your income, and improve your life! 

The Traits of Champions is a unique and powerful look into the minds and actions of golf’s greatest champions. From them you will learn timeless tips on improving your business, your life and maybe even your game.

Using the personal experience of the greatest golfers in history, Traits of Champions examines the character traits that are common to all champions.

Discover The Traits of Champions and Enhance Your Performance in Business, Golf and Life!

“Andrew I loved your book, The Traits of Champions. As you say lots of great ideas for business and life! I bought a copy for my son and recommended it to a bunch of the guys on TOUR.”– David Frost, PGA & Champions Tour Player

Inspire The Champion Within You!

You will join a very special caddie, for a round of golf at Pebble Beach that may change your life. With the help of his vast knowledge of the great players in the history of the game you will discover what it takes to overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of the success you know you deserve. You will learn how to get championship performance from every aspect of your business and life.


You will discover how to set goals, increase your confidence and boost your creativity. You will learn how to improve your communication skills and easily win others over to your side. Find how to boost your reputation and image in the marketplace so others seek you out. Feel the power and excitement of championship motivation as you find yourself striving for higher performance in every aspect of your business and life. The Traits of Champions will provide all this, and more…


The hopes, dreams, goals, preparation and planning. The creativity, problem solving, practice and turning points that proceed every achievement before the inevitable taste of victory. It’s all here in detail, so you can develop and enhance these traits in every aspect of your business and life, short-cutting your journey to ultimate success by months, even years.

Here are just some of the timeless insights you will gain…

From Jack Nicklaus, discover the keys to superior performance and the type of motivation that fuels success for decades, both on and off the course.

Learn of Ben Hogan's greatest accomplishment and how his triumph can quickly change your business and life for the better!

From Tiger Woods, discover the little secret that can massively improve anyone's chances of victory no matter what the game!

Join Bobby Jones at St. Andrews as he reveals to you the key to his immense and loyal following with fans and competitors!

From Greg Norman, learn the inside scoop on creating an image that propels your business to the top!

The essence of business problem solving brought to you by a Master in the art, Seve Ballesteros.

Discover how Gary Player became the luckiest golfer in the world and how you can use his discovery to rocket your business or life to greater heights!

Join Johnny Miller for a lesson in developing supreme confidence.

Lee Trevino on motivating yourself at any age.

From the world’s greatest trick shot artist you will learn what to do in the face of your greatest adversity!

How champions need goals to create desire, and goals are nothing more than dreams with a deadline from Lord Byron Nelson.

Join Chi Chi and Calvin Peete as you learn the key to succeeding in business starting with absolutely nothing.

From Tom Watson, discover how practice makes perfect helped him make a ``one-in-a-million shot`` when the pressure of a Golf Major was on.

Discover Walter Hagen’s timeless answer to overcoming the most difficult of competition.

Plus much, much more!

The Essence of Business Success and Personal Achievement

If you love golf, The Traits of Champions offers you the most fascinating round of your life. You will go inside the thoughts, minds and actions of Jack, Arnie, Greg, Tiger, Hogan and more.

 The time will breeze by on your drive to work as you listen to a truly unique audio program. But the lessons you will learn on these links are the lessons of life, lessons that will take you far beyond the famous fairways of Pebble Beach or Augusta. Lessons that strike at the very essence of success and achievement as the greatest players in history guide you with their knowledge and experience to help you make better decisions in your own business and life.

Become The Champion You Were Meant To Be!

The Traits of Champions contains the power to spark your creativity, maximize your talents and dramatically improve your business and life!

About The Author, Andrew Wood

Born in Oxford, England and growing up in the midland county of Shropshire, Andrew Wood immigrated to America in 1980 to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Unfortunately, lack of talent held him back and he accidentally found himself running a small karate school in Southern California. After struggling to survive for 18 months as a small business owner he decided to focus all his attention on marketing. This focus soon paid off and he increased his income to six figures while still in his twenties. His initial interest in marketing turned into a passion and he quickly turned the single school into a national franchise of over 400 units.

After selling out of the karate business in the late 90’s he moved to Florida where he founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise.


Legendary quickly built a name for itself in the golf industry with innovative websites, social media, and online campaigns. Over the last decade, Wood has worked with over 1500 golf clubs, resorts and developments, in over twenty countries. His clients include properties in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Russia, the Caribbean, and Morocco to name just a few.


Author of over 40 books including; Million Dollar Laptop, Cowboy Wisdom, Cunningly Clever Marketing, Cunningly Clever Selling, Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur, The Golf Marketing Bible, The Hotel Marketing Bible, Confessions of a Golf Pro and many more. He is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort and real estate marketing and spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.


A pioneer in internet marketing his creative talent, out of the box ideas and copywriting skills are at the core of his expertise. Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the world his ability to generate leads and increase income! In his spare time he travels the world, plays golf & tennis, writes books and occasionally races cars!



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