Desperately Seeking Members


An Astonishing Combination of Hilarious Storytelling with a Practical Membership Solution!


"If you are involved in private club industry this book will make you laugh, cry, think, wonder... many of the ideas in the book are by now outdated (book was written several years ago) which does not mean you should not use it as a great entertainment. Clubs that are still struggling with ideas and membership solutions proposed in this book probably do not have a bright future, unless they are super wealthy and simply do not have an issue with membership recruitment. I am not advocating on using the marketing firm mentioned in the book (honestly, I do not recall ever hearing of them, although I spent years in this industry) but I definitely believe in some of the ideas that they are offering when it comes to membership marketing.Read it, make your own conclusions, take it for what is it worth and have a good laugh while you doing it."

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