World’s Best Sales Book



I racked up millions of dollars in personal sales, traveled the world and read 400 sales books before I wrote this book.
I’ve taken the best-of-the-best advice from the world of sales training, tested it all in the trenches of day to day sales across the globe and boiled it down into the World’s Best Sales Book.
This book is for anyone who recognizes that the ability to SELL is truly the most valuable skill on the planet. More valuable than being able to program an app or build a skyscraper or many other wonderful modern-day talents – these are all great, but unless they get SOLD they’re worthless.
This is especially true during these chaotic times – where “conventional wisdom” about running a business isn’t worth the paper it’s NOT printed on – there is nothing more important to your business, career and indeed survival, than to make your sales effort astonishingly more effective than any of your competitors!
And here’s what’s surprising about mastering your ability to SELL…
• It’s not hard.
​• It’s not expensive.
​• It requires ZERO previous sales talent.
Furthermore, I guarantee it will be the greatest return on investment you experience in your entire life.
“The World’s Best Sales Book” is so different and so much more effective at generating superior sales performance for you and every other member of your team than any book you have ever read.
It’s Fun and Entertaining, So People Actually Learn! Unlike many sales books which could bore a monk to tears, you’ll actually find yourself looking forward to the next chapter. It’s crammed full of entertaining stories and insightful examples from the real world of selling so the message sticks!
Easy to read or listen to, you can stop and start anytime as every lesson is delivered in a bite size segments – short, potent and to the point, so you can quickly find the exact information you are looking for to boost your sales.
Real world, today’s world, information. This is not about selling pots and pans door to door in the 60’s, used cars in the 70’s, or computer sales in the 80’s – this is real world information that you can put to instant use to double or triple your sales performance. This program was not written by an academic or sales trainer, long since out of the work place, but by a self made millionaire who still hits the phones and offices everyday just like you do!
Integrates and Updates the Top Strategies From Almost Every Great Sales Book, Audio, or Training System Ever Produced! Not only does “The World’s Best Sales Book” contain all my knowledge, but it is also an awesome combination of all the best ideas I have gleaned from the hundreds of top sales books, audios and training programs that I have invested in over the years.


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