The Traits of Champions


You are about to embark on a very special round of golf…


A round that will maximize your talents, increase your income, and improve your life!


The Traits of Champions is a unique and powerful look into the minds and actions of golf’s greatest champions. From them you will learn timeless tips on improving your business, your life and maybe even your game.


Using the personal experience of the greatest golfers in history, Traits of Champions examines the character traits that are common to all champions.


Discover The Traits of Champions and Enhance Your Performance in Business, Golf and Life!


"Andrew I loved your book, The Traits of Champions. As you say lots of great ideas for business and life! I bought a copy for my son and recommended it to a bunch of the guys on TOUR."

David Frost, PGA & Champions Tour Player

"Outstanding content and fun to read! Sports in general and golf specially are a microcosm of life and business. Using golf as a metaphor the traits of champions guides you through a dream round of golf with the help of an engaging and wise caddy and real life examples of some of history's finest golfers. The lessons are practical and insightful and sure to guide you to breaking par on the course, in business and in life."

Jeff Gears
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